Steam in Victoria Parts 1 & 2


A DVD that combines two previous video releases: Part 1 and Part 2. (The Final Fling).

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A DVD that combines two previous video releases

Part 1.

Features classic footage of steam scenes in Victoria in the halcyon days of the 1960’s. Particular emphasis is given to long closed branch lines, with unique comparisons between archive material and a modern day update giving a ‘then-now’ perspective. Regular steam on the main line is also included, again with a look at how the scene has changed, stations closed, vandalised or disappeared. And railway artifacts from the steam age either surprisingly still intact or gone forever.

In addition special workings across the state borders to Deniliquin (NSW), Albury (NSW) & Pinnaroo (SA) are also shown.

Branch line workings include:-
Cudgewa, Mansfield/Alexandra, Healesville/Warburton, Wonthaggi,
Rushworth/Girgarre/Colbinabbin, Daylesford, Skipton, Maldon, Marnoo,
Horsham/Carpolac, Coleraine and Casterton.
Loco classes include:- K, J, R, A2, N, C, Y, X and D3.

Part 2. (The Final Fling)

”Steam in Victoria – Part 2″ focuses on regular workings in the 1960’s, both on the main line and various branch lines. .The ‘then-now’ perspective is again explored, showing the many remarkable changes that have taken place on the Victorian railways over the past forty years. Due to a shortage of diesel motive power, the early 1960’s saw the re-introduction into regular traffic of previously withdrawn steam locomotives. The remnants of this renaissance saw their ‘final fling’ well into the decade.

Also, rare archive footage of the celebrated three cylinder S class Pacifics, including scenes hauling the “Spirit of Progress” in the 1930’s. Regrettably, the preservation movement got underway a little too late to save any four members of the class. However, two miniature replicas, streamlined S302 and non-streamlined S304, have been constructed. These beautifully crafted locomotives are seen at work.

Line workings include:-
Melbourne-Serviceton, Melbourne-Geelong, Melbourne-Bendigo, Ballarat-Maryborough, Geelong-Warrnambool, Geelong-Ballarat, Maryborough-Castlemaine, Maryborough-Donald, Dunolly-Inglewood, Dimboola-Yanac and Caslemaine-Maldon.
Loco classes include:- K, J, R, D3, N, Y, S and A2.

Total running time – 2hr 20min.